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Letters to the editor:

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last updated: 2012-12-06

2 CV Club "Happy Ents Saarbrücken"

The 2 CV Club "Happy Ents Saarbruecken" was founded in 1981. Actually, it is not a registered "club" but rather an informal gathering where 2 CV drivers meet, exchange ideas and have fun together. Even 22 years later, we stick with our founders' principles: no monthly fees, no written statutes, no chairmen nor general meetings. We rather rely on our fantasy, common sense, tolerance and - last but not least - art de vivre.

Here we are: An open-minded circle of 2 CV enthusiasts of all ages and occupations. Our slogan could be: Always see beyond the end of your own nose. There is France, for example, quite close actually, some hundred yards from the pub where we meet every fortnight. And the French art of living has influenced us quite a bit. Blame it on the little Citroën!

Club Meetings

We invite every 2 CV friend to visit us, virtually or physically.

Club Meetings: On the 2nd Thursday of the month, starting at 8 pm
Where: please inquire via email (see above)


There are several club activities beyond the monthly club night: Participating in 2 CV meetings of other clubs, visiting Citroën events, helping each other to fix our cars or just having fun together.

Every now and then, we organize a 2 CV meeting in the Saarland. Every 2 CV friend is cordially invited to visit. In a remote little village in the boonies of the Saarland, we found wonderful meeting grounds we can use for the whole weekend. We provide campsites, a camp fire, showers, toilets, cheap drinks and crisp fresh French bread in the morning. There are funny games for the kids and those who think they are still kids. And if you simply want to get away from it all: take advantage of the opportunity to spend a relaxed weekend together with 2 CV friends. 2011 was the last 2CV meeting we organised in St. Nikolaus right next to the French border for international 2CV friends on their way to the World Meeting in Salbris. Check the link "2CV meetings" to find out if a meeting is due.

report and pictures of our 2008 meeting.

A Little History: Raid Laponie

road to the easternmost point of the EUIn February 1998, two members of the Happy Ents for the first time participated in "Raid Laponie", a 2 CV "ralley" to the northernmost parts of Europe. In Naruska, Finland, temperatures dropped as low as -44°C. And our friends survived! They proved that you not only can start and drive a 2 CV at minus 44°C but also have it pleasantly warm inside with the regular heating system (little modifications allowed).

In 2000, the call of the North sounded again. This time, the duck drivers suffered under the unusually warm winter (" only " -12,4°C) and seasickness on the ferry to the low floating islands - pardon me: the Lofoten Islands in Norway. If you want to know more about Raid Laponie see Karsten's report (sorry, German version only) or Bimbo's and Tina's point of view.

The Lapland virus hit us severely: 2002 and 2004 we went again. See reports from 2002 and 2004. 2004 was the last Raid Laponie. In 2009, a similar trip called "Raid Poronkusema" was organised. Read more in English here. For further information relate to the organizers, the Suomen 2CV Kilta.

Raid Laponie Logo

From 2006 to 2009, Superfins met for a weekend at Vehu, a small village in central Finland, in the spirit of Raid Laponie. A new tradition was born: Mini Raid Vehu. It has taken place for four years. Reports from 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009.

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2CV Meetings

Every two years, 2CV friends from all over the world gather in a different European country to have a week of fun and 2CV related entertainment. The first and the 10th "world meeting" were in Finland, by the way. The 20th will be in Spain, instead. 

In summer 1999, the Lapland raiders thawed at the world meeting in Greece at +40°C. Enjoy their report (sorry, only in German), or official information and fotos). The duck drivers gathered at the bottom of the holy mount Olympos, the home of the gods. One of the gods even visited the meeting and blessed all participants: Though the Greeks promised they don't need a tent, he shed quite an amount of rain on the crowd which was longing for Greek sun.

The big 2 CV event in 2001 was "The 14th International Meeting of 2 CV Friends" in Seeboden at the Millstaetter Lake in Austria. The Austrians promised a big tent, but alas! they almost didn't need it! More details about the 2001 world meeting in a report from the mountains. In 2003, 2CV friends gathered in Italy. It was the biggest 2CV meeting so far. See report at www.citroenchen.de/2003/5/vinadio.htm. If someone thought Italy was too hot, he might have enjoyed the world meeting in 2005 in Kelso, Scotland. 2007 we went to Borlänge, Sweden, and 2009 to the Czech Republic. 2011, the World Meeting was in Salbris, France. 2013, the target is Spain, and 2015 Poland.

For those who want to stay in central Europe, International German Meetings have been invented. Some 400 to 500 cars and more than 1000 guests gathered in scenic areas of our country: at Gedern 2004, at Kirkel 2006, at Bremen 2008 and in the Taubertal 2010. 2012, the meeting was in Asbach near the Rhine river in the middle of Germany. 2014, it will be near Frankfurt in the Taunus mountains.

Logo Worldmeeting

Many small 2 CV meetings are visited, so the Easter meetings in Karlsruhe or in Rötgesbüttel, the Pentacost meeting in Xanten, summer and winter meetings in Wiltz (Luxembourg), the " Hollereitulijoeh " of the Austrian Citroen Club or the Saarland meeting of the Action Ents taking place in the even years. In 2001, our club organised the Saarland meeting together with the 2CV Club "Citroenchen" from Wiesbaden. In Karlsbrunn, some 70 cars and 100 visitors gathered to celebrate the 20th anniversary of both clubs. [report and pictures]

A list of almost all 2CV meetings in central Europe can be found under http://www.ccrr.de/termine/termine.php .

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We are not the ADAC, RAC, ANWB or AAA, and we raise no fees from club members (contributions are welcome, of course). Thus, "service" in the virtual sense cannot be expected from us. We do not operate any club-owned workshop or garage. Of course, 2 CV drivers help each other if the little duck ever fails to run.

There are a few non-commercial club services provided by volunteers, anyhow: When needed, club members join to order inexpensive new spare parts, which sometimes are not even available at Citroën anymore. We as well know sources for used parts which can be obtained likewise. Some members do repair their 2 CV themselves. They know many hints and tricks for keeping them alive which they might share with duck drivers in need.

Technical questions can be discussed in the 2CV-Forum in the internet. Usually, within short time someone will write an answer to any 2 CV related question. If trouble persists, feel free to send us an email for advice. We will try our very best.

We publish the first German 2CV newsletter in the Internet. Every 2 months, you find news and stories under www.citroenchen.de .

On the frozen Baltic Sea

How to contact us

Our email-address is . If you write an email, please: Let us know your name, city and country. We'd like to know who is writing to us. And feel free to write a few words about you and your 2 CV. Then the whole story is even more interesting for us.

More 2 CV links

There are two more 2 CV-Clubs in the Saarland: The Action Ent's and the 2 CV-Club Eppelborn.
Articles of general interest about the 2 CV offers Axel's homepage.
Meeting calendars you find under www.citroenchen.de/treffen.htm.
If you intended to visit our namesakes, the Happy Ents Stuttgart, and you have not realized until now that you are not on their site, simply go back to the top and read where you are or visit them.
The 2CV-Club Karlsruhe will be pleased if you visit them, too.
Many more 2 CV links offers the 2CV Web Tour.

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